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Rebel Eichelberger

Last century? I wasn't even alive then, nor were you. That data comes from recent news reports. People didn't earn $80,000/yr a hundred years ago. The trade schools can't keep up with the demand for jobs. Admit it, you can't change your own oil in your car, rotate your tires, fix your engine problems, unclog your sink, repair your furnace, repair your appliance or restore your power if a power line goes down. You can't/won't even change your printer cartridge. It's absolutely useless to turn out hundreds of thousands of Liberal Arts Majors saddled with student debt to work $14-$15/hr jobs that are not in their field, because face it, those are limited. But College should be "free" right? Might as well be, because 2/3rds of it is useless. Unless those students have common sense (they don't teach that class) and a strong work ethic (Sooo last century, lol) they're not going anywhere in life.

FPV Brasil

William Draves

Rebel, your view, shared by most professors, was true in the last century, the Industrial Age of factories. The data proves that.

But in the 21st century, the U.S. Census data and other research all confirms:

1.College graduates earn more than trade school grads, almost $1 m. more.

2.Trade school grads actually earn more by living in communities with More, not fewer, college grads.

3.College grads - - accountants, web designers, etc. create jobs for trade school grads. Plumbers do not create Web Design jobs. Web Site designers create jobs for plumbers.

4.The economic prosperity, and quality of life is higher for Everyone in society with more college grads.

Rebel Eichelberger

What's wrong with trade school? Those kids are not saddled with debt, and there are many, many jobs in the trade field that offer upward of $80,000/year. Lineman, plumbers, electricians, mechanics. The demand for those jobs never go away, in fact they have more openings than they can fill. Everyone I know who went to trade school has a high paying job. Most set their own hours. Most people I know with 4-year or Masters degrees are working for $12-$17/hr with ZERO chance for advancement.

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