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Rebel Eichelberger

Much like you do at LERN? Hypocrisy much?

David Lubic

The firm has to pay a settlement of $5 million? And that is likely on top of the legal bills?

They should have just paid those women and they wouldn't be out the money now!

I retired from a state unemployment agency after 36 years as something like a payroll auditor. I dealt with business owners daily for those 36 years.

I can tell you that while almost all were good people, and some were smart people, a lot were lousy business people.

I would say at least half the people in business have no business in business.

A classic example was a business owner who had a nursery, a greenhouse. He got into trouble when he didn't pay anybody anything.

That included submitting his entrusted money to the IRS. That's your withholding from your employees for income tax, Social Security, and Medicare. The IRS takes that quite seriously; they rightfully view that action as stealing from the employees.

The owner got himself an accountant to straighten things out; he actually had most of the material in good order by the time I came into the picture.

I've learned to appreciate boring, which means no trouble. This job turned out to still be interesting.

First, the owner used a checkbook with a type of ring binder--but he didn't bother using the ring binder. Whenever he needed checks, he'd just grab some out of the box.

The result was check date and number sequences didn't match. You'd have a check numbered 500-something written i December, and a check numbered 1500--whatever-it-was being issued the previous January.

Then there were the cancelled checks themselves. This was when banks mailed your cancelled checks back to you.

The fellow had kept these checks and other disbursement records in a shed next to his greenhouse. The shed needed attention to the roof; the roof let the rain in.

The accountant had most of the checks dried out by the time I got there.

Finally, in what I was doing, I normally didn't care about income; my job was, with some other things, meant to look at how a business spent its money, Did it go for wages? Was this a purchase? Is this person a contractor, and can you prove it?

Well, this fellow kept the records regarding income in another box in the same shed. There was another opening, big enough o let in a furry, purry kitty cat.

Guess what the cat used for a litter box?

THe accountant said he was going to estimate the income.

People talk about how "government is wasteful" or how government "should be run like a business."

Well, I wouldn't be so sure after seeing things like this nursery man over the years!!

I could probably keep going on this for at least a couple of hours.

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