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Thanks David for the article. Overall,VMT - - vehicle miles traveled, is still going down on an individual basis. Overall VMT has increased, meaning fewer people are driving more.

Your basic point is correct, we are not growing our train and light rail systems fast enough. But I also think the big press given to the "problems" of DC transit and others is a good sign - - it means they will upgrade/fix them.

David Lubic

I'm glad to see this. . .but I've been concerned for some time that we weren't expanding transit capacity fast enough. I was worried that, sooner or later, the national economy would recover and the still stunted system wouldn't be able to handle the growth.

That may be happening, although I should mention this article doesn't seem to distinguish between rail and bus ridership. . .the latter isn't fun at all. . .and the Washington, DC system has been suffering service outages because of the extensive repairs underway to correct for a lot of deferred maintenance.

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