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CE Pro

It appears to me that it was you who decided to compete against Ed2Go. They were in the game first. This post is both arrogant and cowardly at the same time. If you want to advocate for your members, you should do so by contacting Ed2Go directly. You have sunk to a new low.

Rebel Eichelberger

But let me take this further. You've always said "Anyone can teach, anyone can learn." LERN's goal used to be to promote continuing education, of any kind. But now it seems to be that the view is continuing education is only valid, or recognized if taught by "approved" institutions. Like UC Berkley. The birth place of free speech, where a mere few weeks ago shutdown free speech because it didn't agree with their point to view. Perhaps these classes are so popular because students are sick and tired of trying to learn, and expand their knowledge and critical thinking,without being indoctrinated by the far left. And who cares if someone is making a profit off a class? Universities have been doing that for years. To line the pockets of the administrators and tenured professors. Just because a company is registered as a "non-profit", doesn't mean they actually operate that way. You know, similar to how LERN operates.

Rebel Eichelberger

Interesting that you bash Ed2Go and Centage now, while LERN profited off them for a good 20 years. And if my memory serves me correctly, their founder served on the LERN Board of directors at one point.

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