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David Lubic

That's The Onion, a satire site. It's often quite fun, largely because they make things look real, even thought it's satire.

Here's a classic example, a video from a few years back:

Having said that, a darker vision of the future may be closer than we realize.

One example--self driving vehicles, specifically trucks. What happens to all the truck drivers who may be replaced, along with the people who support them, such as truck stop and restaurant people.

And what about Uber and others?

We keep putting people out of work, and the problem is this is going on faster than we are creating new jobs.

Any ideas?

P.S.: A number of people are suggesting self driving cars are an excuse to not put money in rail transit. I think they are full of hooey.

Self driving cars may improve capacity and safety by considerable margins--I estimate an increase in road capacity on the order of 80% and a huge safety improvement (nothing to sneeze at, but a far cry from the 300% capacity increase made by advocates)--but there are still problems where even that won't be enough, and there is still the problem of an overbuilt road system that costing too much to maintain.

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