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David Lubic

I'm watching things, and it's not looking good. I don't like the guy's temperament, I think he's going to be nothing but a source of strife.

Do you have a revised prediction?


Thanks for your post and references David. By 2020 we predict: 1) Dems will lose enough Gen Y support (they already have lost a lot); and 2) GOP will totally abandon certain existing policies and adopt Gen Y's agenda, thus generating enough Gen Y support.

David Lubic

While I can understand your prediction, and consider it quite possible given Mrs. Clinton's age and the likelyhood of Clinton and Democractic Party fatigue, I hope this is not the case, not if the Republican party remains, apparently simultaneously, power hungry yet cowardly of the out of control monster they helped create in the form of Trump's supporters, which is now their core support.

And I'm not going to let the Democrats completely off the hook; they've had a hand to, even if inadvertently:

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