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David Lubic

Spotting this here just because it's handy--and the emphasis I'd like to make is not the rail material that is the basic subject, but some other comments on jobs in the future:

The comments that stand out:

Dave:. . .And thanks to the STEM education promotion, we will be graduating many more scientists and engineers that we have places to fill. Stay home and learn plumbing.

Peter Nicholson:. . .Excellent idea. Have you been able to persuade anyone? I haven't.

Phillip Marshall. . .As an underemployed PhD myself, I agree 100%. There is no shortage of scientists and engineers in the US, but there is a shortage of people with practical mechanical skills -- and an interest in using them.

David Lubic

I wish I had the confidence in the future you have.

One of the things that's been bugging me is that we've been waiting too long already. We should have been getting serious about oil consumption (which would have meant alternatives to cars) starting in 1973 with the first OPEC embargo. Instead we dithered and even fought the idea of bringing back trains.

It's now at the point where we need them, but we can't wait--and now we have another excuse not to rebuild.

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