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Rebel Eichelberger

How on earth is Bernie Sanders at 74 years old on the same page with Gen Y? He's 6 years older than Hillary. And if Gen Y doesn't want her, why would they want him? They are both out of touch with the populace and entrenched politicians, which is why neither is ahead in the polls. While Donald Trump is a loose cannon, the ONE thing he is not, is an entrenched politician which DOES speak volumes for his supporters and Gen Y as well. The American people are tired of the status quo. Even Gen Y.

The Republican establishment is far from backing Donald Trump. There is still talk of a brokered convention. Your assertion that they are backing him is laughable. Donald Trump is the last person the Republican establishment wants elected, because they are as scared of him as the Democrats are.

Gen Y for the most part, won't even bother to vote. They'd have to actually exert some effort to do so, something most of them don't possess. Unless they decide to vote for free everything, because they're not intelligent enough to figure out that free everything means they will be paying for free everything, since the Baby Boomers are all about to retire.

David Lubic

I would like to know where younger people, or for that matter anyone who has better ideas than the status quo, is supposed to go for political help these days.

The whole business says the leadership of both parties is out of touch with a world that has changed.

The leadership of the Democractic side is strongly favoring a person with questionable ties to Wall Street; the policies of her and her husband, when he was president, are widely considered to have laid much of the foundation for the economic collapse in 2008, and the two have also shown other serious lapses in judgement.

The Republicans are winding up backing a man who is saying a lot of things that just aren't true at all, is apparently tapping into a lot of racism, and has a poor temperament for the stressful job of the presidency, which among other things requires someone be a cool headed diplomat at virtually all times. Hell, this man has had tantrums with an interviewer on Fox News, which is hardly what I would call a hostile venue for a Republican candidate.

I can understand how the Republican establishment didn't want their current candidate--he's a loose cannon, and always has been. That they are now backing him says much about their personal character.

What is really puzzling is the Democrats backing the candidate they apparently want in. I would like to know why, considering the strong real support her opponent has managed to gather. What is wrong with that bunch? Are they afraid of winning an election?

Rebel Eichelberger

Lol. City slickers call them baby horses. Country folks call them colts and fillys.

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