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David Lubic

I'm glad you're confident, but I recall how the fight continued on for years. What finally made things go through was a depression that shook the country to its roots, shook down the big money people who fought against the "progressive" works of the time. I recall the coal strikes, the auto strikes, how bloody and bitter and long they were. You had company guards shooting at union workers into the 1930s.

It took that depression to weaken the capitalists of the day to where they could not fight.

Of course, after FDR rescued them, they promptly went back to their old ways. . .

It was a tough fight then, and the outcome was not preordained. I hate to think of what it would take now.

In a favorite subject--trains--I wonder if we'll get anything.

People and world won't wait for us to get our act together:

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