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Rebel Eichelberger

Who changes the oil in your car? Who replaces your flat tires? Who repairs your car? Mechanical or auto body? Who hooks up your cable or intent connection? Who services the busses or trains you ride? Who restores your power when your elictricity goes down? Who holds the door at the posh hotel you check into, or checks your bags at the hotel, or checks you into that hotel? Who serves you that gormet dinner you ordered? Who cleans your hotel room? Who drives your taxi or limo to the airport? Who sold you that last suit? Who delivered your last FedEx or UPS package? Who does your snow removal or your lawn mowing? Who sold you your purchase at the hardware store, or Menards, or Home Depot? Who sold you that book at Barnes and Noble? Or your coffee at Starbucks? Who checked you out at the grocery store, or bagged your groceries? Who read your electric meter or gas meter this month? Who plowed the snow from your street this week? Who played in the band you bought a ticket to watch last week? Who assembled that synthesizer the band used? Who changed your printer cartidge last week? (because you can't) Hypocrisy is thy name. People matter. Whether they have a formal education or not. Trades are learned. Indoctocation is not required.

Tim in San Antonio

Seems that the information economy really requires information and informed workers, and the schools today really aren't up to the task.

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