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David Lubic

Oh my, what a list one could have--

Better music--like you I appreciate big band music, but many others would miss the early rock and roll, i.e., pre-Beatles, or maybe cut off with early Beatles. That in turn is interesting, because I can remember when "oldies" was just that--and now it's moved up to disco? Oh, the horror, the horror!

Better movies. Just saw "An American in Paris" very recently, and had forgotten how good it was! It was just such a delightful thing. We don't see movies with that quality anymore. Oh, they can be good I suppose, certainly spectacular (particularly if there are a lot of explosions), but how many are just pure fun?

Trains--old trains. I like steam trains, but then I'm such a nostalgia hound, I not only feel I live in the wrong time, I've had people tell me that. One lady said I reminded her of her grandfather, and she's all of one year younger than I am. On top of that, my wife accuses me of lying about my age; she says I am not 60 years old, but at least 160 years old! I know too much about old stuff, am too comfortable with it, I must have lived back then.

In connection with trains, trolley cars, and trolley suburbs. Nice big old houses, tree lined streets, and still walkable. Good place for bicycle rides, fun to visit the grocery store down the street that was run by a neighbor. Grew up in such a place, though the trolleys were gone, replaced by GM buses that reminded you of what Jackie Gleason's Ralph Kramden would drive! But having ridden those buses, and trolleys too, I'll take the trolleys, thank you!

Better overall condition of things. I think part of this was the pride that came with home ownership (and yes, I know it's a downhill thing with younger people, who don't have the luxury of a secure workplace)--but it wasn't limited to that, you had pride in public works, too.

Generally better shared prosperity. This enabled people to take pride in well maintained houses, allowed them to be good customers of both chain and local stores. Our big businessmen seem to have forgotten the lessons of Henry Ford, who doubled his minimum wage and made great customers of his employees (and earned the ire of fellow millionaires who couldn't and wouldn't see what he could and did.)

Rotary telephones--they just looked and sounded like what you expected a telephone to be.

Old time radio--better than modern television again. "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," "The Great Gildersleeve," the radio version of "Gunsmoke" with William Conrad. . ."The theater of the mind."

The old radios and early televisions themselves, with the wooden cabinets that just looked good.

Interesting that the stuff I miss from the 20th century is all essentially pre-1965 or so!

I definitely live in the wrong time. . .

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