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From NineShifter Chad Holbrook: I sat just a couple of feet away from you during your final LERN presentation Sunday morning. I appreciated what you had to say regarding the differences and complementarity of men and women. I totally agree that men and women are equal but not the same. Each brings a unique set of life skills to the table that enriches this world, not demeans it. I did disagree with the notion that we should raise boys as girls. I would argue that qualities (e.g., love, respect, kindness, hard work, service, etc.), taught and practiced in the homes by parents toward children, rather than gender, have the greatest impact on the developing child and how that child then interacts with the world around him or her. Also, in my humble opinion, it is destructive and divisive to put down the other gender in an attempt to build up one's own gender. Recently, meaning the last several years, men and boys have been portrayed in various media as incompetent, stupid, selfish, etc., while women are being portrayed as competent, intelligent and having all the answers. What is this constant negative barrage doing to the moral and self concept of boys who will one day be men? Men are not optional! Good, well educated, selfless and loving men are critical to the wellbeing and health of families and society in general!

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