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David Lubic

*This year every Boomer is over age 50.
*Gen X, now age 35-49, is firmly in the workplace and taking over most of the new leadership roles.
*Gen Y, now age 14-34, has taken over economically and culturally. By 2016 we could elect a Gen Yer President."

Not quite yet, some would argue that the Generation Y crowd may still be too young and unseasoned.

That could well be true, but it's interesting when you look at some of the geriatrics being palmed off as presidential material. That includes Hillary Clinton in my opinion.

She's going to be in her 70s by the time she could get into office. Besides the generational aspect you speak of, there is also the question of health. We had enough experience with an older president named Ronald Reagan. One should not speak too ill of the dead, but his declining health may have been a factor in some of the poor decisions made in his time.

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