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David Lubic

I don't think highways will disappear. What will happen--what is happening--is that the use of highways, particularly cars, is being rethought. They are no longer "freedom," or "status," they are just tools, appliances.

In addition to that, the road system has been vastly overbuilt, and the railroad system overly shrunk. If you start having to pay for the road system the way we should have been paying for it, then it may be we don't need quite so much of it--and it becomes practical to rebuild some of the rail lines we took out.

Rebel Eichelberger

If you have no highway structure, how will farm crops get to market? Farmers have to drive harvests to market, co-ops or trains for transportation to the rest of the US. If taxpayers won't pay for highway infrastructure, how do they plan to buy groceries?

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