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William A. Draves

Thanks D.P. and Toscana for your news and contributions.


It's not really that bad that the railway infrastructure is on the spotlight. It gives massive amount of carbon and transport a lot of things. People aren't aware of that.

D. P. Lubic

I'll close out with this editorial from Railway Age, which is a magazine aimed at railroad management and professionals--but apparently some of those people appreciate their history, too:

I wonder how all this will play out.

D. P. Lubic

Saratoga & North Creek:

No counterpart trail organization could be located, and that might be because the railroad may have actually been sold, and so they can't touch it. Still, there was a fight about it, and the trail people think this is something they should have gotten.

D. P. Lubic

This is one of the railroads in question. All three have track and property that is government owned, with heritage or tourist rail lines operating over them; one, the Saratoga & North Creek, is now also operating freight service, and is being considered for a commuter connection. A real railroad revival, but. . .

There are people who want to see all three railroads--the Saratoga & North Creek, the Adirondack Scenic, and the Catskill Mountain--go away to be replaced by hiking and biking trails, and in the case of the Adirondack, by a trail for snowmobiles. It's a pretty hot fight, as these new stories, and particularly the following discussions, reveal

Adirondack Railroad:

Adirondack Rail Trail:

D. P. Lubic

This turned up in, of all things, a railroad discussion, and I thought you might find it interesting.

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