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D. P. Lubic

Interesting that the environmentalist who uses transit isn't that young--and, at least by my standard, neither is the fellow who just doesn't like driving.

This fellow in the following comments perhaps sums up best what is happening, but the leadership doesn't get it (yet):

One way to look at preserving, and even enhancing the value of the existing road system - as it exists today, without further significant modification - is to potentiate the trend of 1.4 million FEWER trips by car the article denotes.

"Why build more lanes into existing roads if you can essentially accomplish the same effect through mitigation of auto traffic ?

"From the data cited, it would appear that the population of the Twin Cities is ready to further increase the use of the mass transit system. Why not take advantage of this trend ?

"Besides the factors cited: a faltering economy, high gas prices, telecommuting...I hope the planners are paying special attention to the younger demographic, who do not buy into the "old" version of the good life - you know, 2 cars in every garage. They see the auto in different terms, and yes, environmental impact is one matter of importance, but there may be a broader value, harder to define, at work here.

"The young are not as inclined to be running around everywhere as though running away from something. They view the good life well lived as having LITTLE IF ANYTHING to do with a car !! Happiness is not a place you drive to."

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