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D. P. Lubic

Maybe "trains have won," but I wish I could be sure; check out the long list of critical comments following this editorial by Yonah Freemark:

I will say one thing--it might be positive there is that large number of comments. That says this subject has high visibility and interest. That might not have been true a few years ago.

D. P. Lubic

Pfffft!! When are we going to get real trains in this country?

As it is, we still have a damned hard fight for them:

We even have supposedly "green" bicycle advocates who want to rip out an existing and operational heritage railroad for a riding trail:

An editorial of interest:

There are three "studies" on the subject of the rail vs. trail concept. Here they are:

Study by the county:

Study by an outside consultant, paid for by a rich guy (one of the founders of Facebook) who has recently bought a house in the area:

What the railroad has to say; do check out the appendixes as well:

More material. Item of note on the Chuck Schumer story--he's standing on rails that saw a train just a few weeks before for the Christmas season.

Have fun searching and reading:

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