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D. P. Lubic

McDonald's will survive, of that I have no doubt. Much of that will come with sheer size; McDonald's is actually global, and that seems to make a difference.

An alternate question at some point though will be to ask how it will survive, especially if survival always involves "growth." Sooner or later, even the biggest corporation is going to hit a saturation point. McDonald's actually did hit that limit, and part of how they delayed that was to expand beyond the United States and become the global company they are now. But the world, as big as it is, is still only so big! Eventually they will hit that ceiling again.

What happens next? Do they continue to grow by absorbing rival firms, say Wendy's, or the combination that is now Long John Silver's and and A&W Root Beer? Do they work to destroy at least part of the competition in some way, as a combination of oil, truck, bus, tire, and car makers did for trolley cars in the National City Lines case? Will they at least work to keep the competition away by some legal means, such as buying up restaurant leases just to keep other firms out?

A bit dated, and not quite on topic, but something that illustrates how one company operates--and a hint of what it takes to go against it:

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