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D. P. Lubic

In my opinion, a big part of the problem stems from a lack of opportunities where your family may be from. It used to be that sons followed fathers in their trades or professions. For a variety of reasons, that's pretty rare nowadays, and for a lot of jobs (particularly in mining or in some manufacturing work) one could argue that it wasn't always desirable in the first place.

At the same time, though, too often the alternative opportunities that some people would like to follow aren't available where they grew up--and yet in many cases, those opportunities should be there! A local business could use, say, better advertising, and it could be of local or regional origin, but the person in charge of ads at the business will use commercial "clip art" rather than hire some local artist. Or you may see the need for a better public transit system, but the local establishment can't and won't see what you may have to offer. (I've had personal experience with that one). Other designers,including people in engineering, may not be able to get into a local firm because there are already enough people there--and of course, the manufacturing work that also paid for these designers and engineers has either gone away, or may be awarded to a studio from China, France, or somewhere else as well as a local firm.

Better intermediate and long range transportation would help alleviate some of this, and it wasn't bad with cheap gas and low air fares (which were helped by low cost jet fuel), but those options are going away, and the stagnation of many people's wages hasn't helped matters.

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