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D. P. Lubic

I wish I could feel optimistic about the future. In 1912, there would be an enormous amount of struggle ahead, some of it bloody; check out labor union history, in particular mining union history in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Look up what a private police force called Baldwin-Felts was like. Look up Blair Mountain and Matewan (the latter the subject of a film of that title by John Sayles).

Note of irony--the union leaders in the uprising at Matewan were tried for treason in a court house in Charles Town, W. Va.--the same building and the same room that had been the site of the trial of John Brown, the abolitionist who very well was the spark that lit the fuse to the Civil War.

In my view, it took over 30 years of struggle for the corporatists to be put in their places, which included two world wars and a grinding depression, plus various battles, skirmishes, strikes, and other fights. That's a long time for me at age 57. On top of that, the corporationists have a lot of things on their side that they didn't have in 1912 (including a lot of people who have been duped into their view), and everybody is going to have to deal with things like climate change and resource depletion that weren't problems before.

Can this battle be won again?

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