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Lastly someone in here is practical. Regards to you. As for the relax of you, love enjoying ‘politician’ and whacking young knowledgeable people.

D. P. Lubic

From the following comments:

“Oh great, another UC Young Democrat claiming his generation is going to pay for the HSR. I will believe that when I see college graduates actually getting jobs and not having to move back in with mom and dad.

“It’s a great idea, but not now and not when the state is broke.”–Fred Fargo

“If the analytical abilities of these young voters is any indication of the return CA has gotten on its ‘investment’ in education, CA cannot afford to take funding away from education. If they actually think high speed rail would, save money, create thousands of jobs, connect Californians’”like never before’ (huh?), provide an alternative to high fuel prices, reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and efficiently move people, they need more math, science, and logic classes.

“And, if they actually believe that money allocated for transportation can only be used for transportation, they could also use more history courses and civics courses.”–John Dough

“The author would have more credibility if he specified where we could find the money in the current budget, or propose a funding source. Note there are no numbers in the column.”–CalNative1

“You don’t understand, numbers and money don’t mean a thing, it isn’t their money. Sacramento has taught them well.”–Flamo

“Maybe Mr. Santillan is just hung up on Choo-Choos from his not-so-distant youth experiences…..”–Erod 1944 (Hmm, a possible birth date? If so, the generational pattern fits again.)

“You know, I see a lot of comments on here about the personal character of Mr. Santillan, of which I’m sure none of you are personally acquainted. Attacking the messenger with baseless ad hominem tactics doesn’t change the fact that California’s population continues to grow, and that we will need to make some kind of investment in our infrastructure to handle increased demand. Criticisms based on cost and debt rarely, if ever, acknowledge this, and instead pretend as if the death of high-speed rail will eliminate spending on intercity transportation.

“This simply isn’t true. Doing nothing isn’t an option. The choice is between more freeways, highways and runways (many of which cannot be built due to logistical constraints), *or* highways, freeways and runways where they are most desperately needed *and* high-speed rail. And when you consider that high-speed rail can be built with less money and carry more passengers than a freeway, it seems like high-speed rail is a natural choice (not a ‘Utopia’ as Flamo’s mis-characterization of the argument goes).

“No one wants to take away your car or *gasp* make you take public transit and then walk. We’re just talking about giving future generations a choice. It may not make sense for you individually, but it does make sense for California as a whole.

“The estimated debt service on the bonds is $230 million per year, or about $6.50 per person per year. I’m sure you paid more than that in sales taxes on your last trip to Costco. And yes, transportation dollars can only be spent on transportation (see proposition 22 in 2010), so the argument that high-speed rail will take funding from ‘the children’ and their education (which many seem to think is a pointless brain-washing exercise) is not only false, it’s misguided and uninformed.”–geezba

“Finally someone in here makes sense. Cheers to you. As for the rest of you, enjoy playing ‘politician’ and bashing young educated people. Odds are living in the central valley you’re a bunch of high school drop outs anyways… Perhaps still a little too hung up on your now all-to-distant ‘I wanna be president someday’ childhood fantasies.–Lance Fulfer

A number of things stand out about these comments. One, I can’t help but feel that we are seeing the generational pattern again, younger people for, older people against (actually “in between” 60 to 90, which is effectively older now with so relatively few 90+ people in the population). Another is that outside of cost commentary, the “against” crowd is far more insulting–reflecting fear, perhaps? Finally, except for “geezba,” the supporters seem to be using real names; the against crowd mostly uses fake names in this case. The lone exception is Ricardo Paredes, and interestingly, although he is not convinced of the value of HSR, he is also the only member of this “against” crowd who seems to be polite in his opposition.

Interesting patterns, indeed. . .

D. P. Lubic

An interesting and kind-of related editorial that also touches on the "generational war" and on trains (although this is about high-speed intercity service, not local commuter service):

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