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William Draves

Thanks to everyone for making this post one of the most talked about this year. I welcome all your comments.

Steve MacLellan

I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. The small town I live in doesn't have public transportation other than taxi. There was a vote a few months ago about running some buses.

I thought it would be of particular interest to students and older people, but apparently there wasn't enough interest in it. But as you say, the younger people won't get out and vote. Perhaps if they did, it would have made a difference.


I consider myself somewhere in the middle of the two groups in this poll. My question is, if the methodology of data collection skews the vote, what other method might provide more accurate information? I wonder what age the decision maker on conducting the poll was?

I'm Canadian and I also wonder if we are trying to predict a future based on our current circumstances. Who knows what our needs wil be in transporation. I am hoping to see less and less need for commuting!

John Burrows

Although well into my 70's, I support high speed rail in California.

There are no guarantees that it will be successful, but the potential benefits far outweigh the risks.

My biggest regret is that I am unlikely to be around long enough to try it out.


The fact that Martin Engel lives right next to the Caltrain tracks in Menlo Park of course has nothing to do with his opposition to rail...

Martin Engel

I'm already in my 80s, I oppose rail, and my response is unprintable.

It's not a function of age. It's a matter of having a good "crap detector." That is to say, intelligence, critical faculties, and understanding the following principle:

"The most cynical interpretation of any political situation (such as the HSR project), is invariably the most accurate."

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