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D. P. Lubic

I'm not sure "GenWar" is a good label myself, but there certainly are aspects of it that have been discussed and observed here. Very certainly we have what I would call corporatism instead of true capitalism, and that the corporatists have far more power and influence than they should.

The sad thing is that too many of our fellow citizens fail to see who the real and/or potential adversaries are.

Miles Bader

I'm not sure what you intend by using the "GenWar" tag.

Maybe student debts, and other debts, are badly handled and deserve attention, but these things should be judged on their merits.

A label like "GenWar" seems to trivialize the issue, making it sound like they're protesting because it's cool or something (no doubt to some degree that's true, but presumably not the primary reason...!).

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