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D. P. Lubic

About the car culture, particularly from a political point of view:

Miles Bader

I agree. It's not that such technology is really completely useless (it will probably find some good niche), but it's certainly not the "painless tech fix" so many people are wishing for ("Hey, with driverless cars, we don't need to bother with that icky mass transit and increased density, we can just keep our current lifestyle as-is, forever! Score!").

I think the Google folks are smart and well-meaning, but I suspect most of them were raised, and live, in America's car culture, and are rather blinkered by that. When all you've ever known is hammers, you tend to try solving every problem with hammering...


So, increasing moblity for the disabled and senior citizens and last but not least to save over 30,000 lives a year is useless? I think not!

Terry Newman

We need a "Like" button for this post. All valid points.

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