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D. P. Lubic

In other news, gridlock–traffic congestion–is down in a number of cities, due to people driving less, riding trains and buses more, efficiency improvements in what newer cars are running, and unfortunately, a still-sluggish economy:

Oh, those comments, though! And as bad as they are, they pale compared to this site:

This one’s no slouch in that department, either:

What a bunch of ignorant crybabies and hateful people! They greatly reduce any pride I should have for this country.

Disappointing he may be to some of us, but I feel sorry for the president. I think he won a booby prize.

And again, I have to ask, why, why, WHY isn’t there more in the way of honest talk on the oil situation, on the vulnerability of our driving situation, brought home? WHY is there so little talk about how oil is a global market, that we compete in bidding with the world for our own oil, and that “drill, baby, drill” won’t give us lower prices, but will burn through our oil supply that much faster? WHY is there so little talk on the real cost of the highway system? WHY is there so little talk about how trains, particularly electric ones, in all forms from local streetcar to high speed service and everything in between, can help by providing an alternative to driving, and be a better, safer, more comfortable, more relaxing way to travel besides?

This message, or series of messages, doesn’t have to be wonky or nerdy, it or they can borrow from the great railroad advertising of the past if need be. This shouldn’t be really hard to write, and it would be true. So WHY do we hear so little of these points from the government types who are supposed to be leading us?

Do I have to go to Washington, break down the door to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s office, and give him a piece of my mind to get something on this?

D. P. Lubic

We share the pain. When I was trying to promote a new light rail line as an alternative to a highway, I was told I was trying to take people's cars away and bring back the horse and buggy, and was told I was a Communist besides. A bit later, when I could see the makings of a generational pattern, I was told I was just full of hot air.

This was about 20 years ago.

I have come to the conclusion that I live in the wrong time--too late for the glory days of railroads, too soon for their return.

What's really bad is that I have had friends who tell me I live in the wrong time. A lot of people feel that, but it must really show for friends to say that!

Carmen Farwell

I'd be bitter, too. How infuriating, to have someone take your ideas and not give you credit!

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