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Beats by Dre

De enorme høreværn og 50mm højttaler enhed, EFI-82Pro hvert øjeblik ikke flagre en dominerende. Ørepropperne stråle udformning er meget tyk, foruden anvendelsen af et fast materiale som et stillads, plus et åndbart stødabsorberende materialer kan gøre dem mere komfortable. Den første stråle kan justere længden kan høreværn ved forbindelsen være op til 90 grader rotation og foldning den interne konstruktion af fjederen,

D. P. Lubic

Recalling your recent post about the new generation being enthusiastic about "retro" graphics, and the presence of some in the Obama postings above, got me curious to see if there was anything like that on the Republican side. I won't say my search was real thorough, but I didn't see much, which is interesting.

What I did find, using the term, "I Will Vote For Mitt Romney:"

This came from a "Red State" site, under the category of "Who will vote for Obama?"

For context:

Other "retro" images through this search criteria all seemed to be from the opposition to Romney. Again, this is interesting, considering what you said about Generation Y some time back, and tying it in with the Republicans (and the Tea Party bunch) largely being older.

It does seem funny--you would think the "older" crowd would have a taste for "older" graphics, but apparently that's not so, at least among the people in the advertising part of this campaign. I wonder what the explanation is.

Anyway, have fun, and I'm glad you're optimistic about your recall campaign.

D. P. Lubic

This came through my wife's Facebook page, and it looked like something you would enjoy for its retro style:

From the same site, which is "I Will Vote For Obama," comes this other "retro" image:

I almost hesitate to post this, as it may be too political, but I see much truth in it:

Finally, a public service announcement that all should agree with:

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