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car leather seat repair Cardiff

It's kind of old but still good article.

Beats By dr.dre

Den øreklokker delen av hodesettet er dette Den viktigste egenskapen, den flytende svamp design, god fleksibilitet, permeabilitet, og kan gi god komfort, leder av headsettet bjelke lateral innpakket i et mykt flanell materiale, kan avlaste trykket på bæreren.

D. P. Lubic

As always, the following comments are sometimes interesting and amusing:

“Not much fun driving these days; too many large trucks on the Am. roads. They are much larger than previous years. Better to hit the back trails for ATVs, than to play tag with a giant truck.”–burgesswv

“I just bought a nice big 2005 mercury station wagon. Leather seats fully equipped. I can afford the gas because I save a fortune in insurance, depreciation and initial cost. I am pushing 60 years old and just refuse to drive some cramped sardine can in the final years of my life.”–xraybrain

“When I first began driving I remember putting two bucks worth of gas in the car and driving around all weekend. My first car that I actually owned was a 1958 De Soto with a Hemi, it was my Fathers and he gave it to me. Fast for its time but got decent gas mileage, probably around 16 mpg for that big car. Am 62 now and still love driving but gas tickling four bucks a gallon, well, my drives are a bit shorter.”–arenadood

“Hey it just ain’t the kids… we old farts are completely turned off by the ugly little weenie cars forced on us today. We remember the good times when cars were an expression of life and vitality… now sadly they have become boring examples of “economy and trendy add-ons”… heated seats, power mirrors, air bags, moonroofs, power locks, computer plugs, cramped interiors, lawn-tractor engines… ALL BS!! Keep that crap!!… give us a roomy monster with power and style… then we will buy again!!”–papadon.don

“Oh, the memories of the early 60′s when gas was about 27cents a gal and you could cruise around town on a Sat night for a dollar. You could buy a an old used car for $100 or less. Cigarettes were 30 cents a pack, Soda pop for 10 cents a bottle. Just a memory now.”–Steven

“Gas was cheap and a cruising culture developed due to it. We also did not have instant communications and actually had to drive to see certain people. Cheap gas triggers independence, and that is the last thing this government wants. They want us on top of each other. In a forced utopia.”–Kortney Dunkle

“I can find a few faults with this article. Number one: if this generation has taken to more walking and biking, then why are they all so overweight? All one has to do is take a seat in a shopping mall and watch the people walk by. 90% of them are overweight, whether city dwellers or otherwise.

“The fact is, as long as petroleum companies continue to strife American’s pockets for ever increasing profits and our government continues to allow it, people will travel by car less. “It’s the gas prices stupid!”

“Secondly: America used to produce great cars. All one has to do is remember that years ago (when I was a kid) one could name a car from a distance. They were distinctive. Now, every car on the road looks just like the next, whether they are produced here or some other country. The romance of the American automobile is over because car design is unimaginative and repulsive. It will take more than a series of even more boring color choices on boring wedge-shaped car bodies for the romance to be reborn.

“Thirdly: My recent visit to the DMV was enlightening. My wife and I overheard two early twenty-somethings discussing that everyone seems to be, “getting in on the ripoff and out for the take,” as one of them put it. Gas prices, the high cost of new cars (car companies are just as guilty as petroleum companies), and the DMV ripping off the public with fees, taxes, and any number of cost prohibitive shady tricks to dig deeper in everyone’s pockets.

“To those two twenty-something gals; yes girls, you are right. Today, everything is a scam, and our government, (both democrats and republicans, independants or otherwise) sit at the top of the heap awaiting your money. We are the well….and they are the bucket.

“Welcome to the new world. Where everything is boring, unimaginative, uninspiring, and costs five times higher than it should so “others” can grow bank accounts as a hobby. I noticed that the article didn’t touch on the increased suicide rates and the epidimic of depression that this generation is plagued with. Is it any wonder?”–Thom

“Remember that flashy finned “chick magnet” and cruising round and round the hamberger joint? Remember a long ride in the cool country on hot summer days? Remember your honey’s hot thigh pressed next to yours on those wonderful bench seats? Remember Saturday Eve, cruising with the top down, and parking with your best gal? Remember an occassional drag race, when 360hp could be unleashed? Remember 30c gasoline? Remember the gorgeous colors?… coral, baby blue, yellow, torquoise, fire engine red?? Sorry kids!!… your little look-alike little toys of today just can’t cut it.”–papadon.don

“Gee, why are todays youth driving less? Perhaps its because the cars being produced today are hideous little sardine cans with all the power of a rubberband that cost more in relative dollars than what a Rolls Royce would have cost their grandparents? Or the fact the nanny culture has conditioned them for their entire lives to believe driving a car is evil and destroying the planet? Or perhaps there are so many who live in the urban concrete jungles they reject the idea of trying to go anywhere at 3 mph? or maybe because the urban concrete jungles have so many bicycling leeches clogging up the roads its faster for them to walk? Something tells me if todays youth had a car similar to a Chevelle SS 396, GTO, Firebird or even a Gremiln available at a reasonable cost they would be just like the youth of the 1950′s, ’60′s or ’70′s – they just don’t have anything to get excited about!”–Remarks 208

“I’m sorry to say that the ‘happy days’ of motoring on the open road with a hot chick in a beautiful, big finned beast is a thing of our past…Cars are now non-descript, and all of the prohibitive costs associated with driving have seriously diminished the thrill…. If you’re in the city, the sheer volume and traffic jams are a daily occurrence. If you’re out on the interstates, the volume of truck traffic clogging up the open roads is a danger and a major annoyance. . I’m glad that I got a chance to live and appreciate the golden age of cheap gas and beautiful machines! Went to a classic car auction recently in Kansas City….. Viewing all those beautiful classics together was, to me, like being in an art museum..”–cmdr06vue

Gee, and I thought I was a throwback!

Although somewhat hand-picked, these comments are actually pretty average for that article. There are very few from the pro-transit crowd. It’s interesting that so many of the comments have the writers either deliberately or casually revealing their ages, and that the ages seem to be from the late 50s on up (tail end of the big driving bunch). That this demographic has this collection of ideas (and nostalgic memories) is no surprise, but the lack of apparently younger people writing in sort of is, at least for me. I wonder if the Daily Finance “Motley Fool” doesn’t have a young audience, or if the young audience really doesn’t read "establishment” media anymore.

D. P. Lubic

More on the generational shift:

D. P. Lubic

Sometimes I think we are reliving a part of the 1830s, when farmers were afraid trains would make their cows go dry (7:48 in the video clip below):

D. P. Lubic

Old news to you, but interesting to see it again:

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