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D. P. Lubic

Living history may be cooler than reading about it later, but living through it can be rougher. Take as an example this nonsense from what I have taken to calling the Repugnant Ones:

It is crazy, and sad, to see what has happened to the Republican party. I used to think it was a rather dull bunch, but they supposedly understood business, and for a while made what sounded at the time like a refreshing breath of air to call for a return to "traditional values"--God, country, honor, honesty, all that stuff. Yet look at what they really turned out to be--phony, hypocritical, greedy, and not really for honor, honesty, or it seems, even God and country, and so often, crazy besides.

I never was a Ronald Reagan fan, but I wonder if Reagan would have a chance at political office today.

Julia King Tamang

Yes. Living history is so much cooler than reading it.

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