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Nike Australia

Feather spots can be seen in the shoes of the body, and on the use of materials with good texture imitation fur, which may be in response to the call of the Animal Protection Association.

D. P. Lubic

From a poster named Alex M., on the California High Speed Rail Blog:

"I live in California now but plan to move to Switzerland eventually.

"Why can’t the US understand that cheap oil is not going to last forever? This country is so dependent on cheap oil that it makes the worst meth addict look healthy. If we don’t have viable alternatives in place by the time cheap oil goes away, will we not enter a period of time so horrible that would make the Great Depression look like the Roaring ’20s? What will it take to get people to realize this?

"Gas prices are such a hard topic to deal with, because if they are low, people use it recklessly and pollute the air even more than usual. But if the go over a certain amount, our economy will collapse, because of how ridiculously dependent on oil we are. This country is screwed if we don’t immediately start a serious, balanced, careful transition away from being cripplingly dependent on oil.

"This is why I’m going to Switzerland. They actually realized that cheap oil won’t last forever. What a concept, right? They currently get 95% of their power from nuclear and hydro. Their average population density is much higher than here, and, of course, they have the best public transit system in the world. Not to mention having a healthy economy, a high standard of living, and a very low unemployment rate."

This is from the California high-speed rail page noted above.

Julia King Tamang

My son is coming home by train in April. Why? He says it's a blast. So.... old skool.

D. P. Lubic

Part of why Americans should like trains (and will):

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