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pay day loans

Student debt loans taken out by learners are from private loan companies means many of these same loan companies offer education relief applications. After all, they are more than willing to protected more business while also seeing their current loans completely paid back. In many ways, these are the best choice for graduate learners.

Jordan Kanter

Stupidity and evil - and such shams as "voting" and "politics" no longer hold the answer. A true DEBTORS' REVOLT - DEFAULT EN MASSE is needed to hit the reset button on this predatory system. I encourage people to grow a pair, learn once again what it means to fight tyranny, and join us.

Look, the economy tanked, and everything is now completely different, especially with regards to labor prospects - for *everyone*. And yet, the lenders have behaved reprehensively and in a completely predatory manner toward the millions who are struggling. It's time to hit back and collapse what has morphed into a predatory system that stands in direct opposition to democratic values. Our Founders wisely warned us.

We encourage widescale, intentional REPUDIATION and rejection of our "debts" - default en-masse - just refuse to feed the predatory system any longer by simply withholding; stop paying in. Let them starve, let the system collapse, and rebuild from there, under FAIR, not captured, rules. As a former finance professional myself, I can tell you that the banking and finance sector is *much* more vulnerable than most think - get default rates up to a critical mass, and watch the value of huge swathes of financial instruments collapse. So join the DEBTORS' REVOLT - DEFAULT EN MASSE movement. Repudiate your debt. Refuse. I'm looking at you to be at the vanguard, student-debt indentured servants. Refusal to cooperate with this monstrous predator is the only way forward.

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