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Joan Hedrix

There are now many young buyers because the population of the buyers is composed of working young men and women who can afford to buy.

Levis Jeans Online

die Ergebnisse an die lee jeans Firma geführt entgangene Umsätze. Größte Jeans-Imperium zusammenbrach bald.

car refinance

You do have a point there. It sure doesn't look like it took into account the number of parents buying for their kids. More public commuters aside, the only other reason that makes sense is that cars are being so well-maintained that hand-me-downs and second hands are used for extremely long periods of time.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

Interesting figures. I have to wonder how many of those 55-year-olds are actually parents buying a brand new car for their sons or daughters.


That's not the point, old and used cars are tried and tested.Sometimes it is better to be practical than buying expensive expensive.

D. P. Lubic

More linked material from that California site:

And a comment by a poster using the initials JJJ, and referring to the gas price article linked above:

JJJ Reply:
February 9th, 2012 at 1:26 am

"Phft, the media is just picking up the prediction I made on January 20.

"And this was BEFORE big oil announced they were cutting 50% of their east coast refining production. What’s that, you missed the article? I’m not surprised, it barely got any play.

"'On January 18, Hess announced the closure of its HOVENSA joint venture refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a major source of product supply to the East Coast," the Energy Department said. "That planned closure follows on the heels of the idling of two refineries in the Delaware Valley by Sunoco and ConocoPhillips and announced plans by Sunoco to idle another refinery in the region by mid-2012.'

"'The Energy Department added, “The complete idling of the three refineries would collectively cut as much as 50% of current East Coast refining capacity.",0,3885077.story

"The Virgin Islands one was the 3rd biggest in the US. And just like that, it’s closed.

"Conspiracy theory time, please put on tin hats.

"->Closed refineries = higher prices = blame the president = Obama election loss = bigger oil slave in office = $$$

"-> Closed refineries = higher prices = we must do something to stop these increases = “less regulation for oil!” “drill baby drill!” “tax breaks for oil!” = $$$

"Remove hats."

D. P. Lubic

More on the rail debate in California:

A link from the California high-speed rail site on something else that may accelerate the death of the automobile:,0,2589101.story

Egads, look at the vitriolic comments that follow the article! There are times I'm ashamed to be an American.

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