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William Draves

I agree with you D.P.

D. P. Lubic

Something to watch out for--it looks like some in management may have problems in dealing with Generation Y--and are looking for technical fixes to control them, or at least influence them:

What really burns me up looking at this is how someone is telling (or at least hinting) to management types that this communication technology helps control Generation Y employees by limiting some of their networking ability--but it doesn't advise them that, just maybe, being truly ethical and respectful might actually work better!

Isn't that one of the things that the young and idealistic have always sought? And isn't the lack of ethics, of honest and humane dealings, been the principle shortcoming of the current corporate culture?

Other comments on managing the nation's newest employees:

D. P. Lubic

As someone who is as retro as can be (and is a baby-boomer besides!), I love this. But I have to ask, is it really true? I hope it is, but I wish I knew it was. . .

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