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D. P. Lubic

I think it is, and has been for years. at least for some people.

I guess if things are bad, you at least have the boys on the team from __________.

I remember, in the early 1980s, how the US hockey team won for the first time against the Russians. It did feel good--but in the same era, I didn't like how I saw so many people saying "USA No. 1!" at later sporting events. I also would get tired of hearing people make the claim, "This is still the best country in the world." Yeah, but for how long, if it is apparent others are doing things to catch up, to move to the next thing while we stay stuck in at best a 1950s world?

Ironically, I am probably as big a throw-back as they come, at least in matters of taste (among other things, I like steam locomotives and took a liking to bluegrass music because modern country was and is mostly, well, too modern). At the same time, this "best country" and "USA No. 1" nonsense began to sound hollow after two oil shocks combined with a continued reliance on cars that burned gasoline, not to mention a whole lot of other things that needed doing but just didn't get done.

You wouldn't have seen any of this in the 1940s, particularly in WW II, when, if something needed to get done, it got done, and it was understood why it needed to be done. No posturing, no real bragging about being No. 1, just living at being--and continuing to build--the best country in the world.

Perhaps the best way to summarize this is not to say we were better or perfect then--far from it, really, otherwise we wouldn't have needed that civil rights movement--but that we strove for that goal.

Can we say we continue to do that today?

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