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D. P. Lubic

More on the generational shift, originally linked from the high-speed rail page:

D. P. Lubic

Originally posted on a California high-speed rail site:

In “People Ride Trains” news, we have strong initial ridership in the Old Dominion on a new light rail line:

From the same site, a story about how some people really, really hate rail service:

7 September 2011

They’re at it again! Anti-rail extremists push ANOTHER ballot measure to outlaw rail transit

Cincinnati, Ohio — They lost in 2009, but they’re baaaack!

Led by extreme-right Tea Party and Road Warrior zealots, an otherwise unlikely coalition of Libertarians and anti-labor fanatics, a couple of somewhat marginal labor unions, a police organization, anti-environmentalists, the Southwest Ohio Green Party, other rightwing activists, the Cincinnati NAACP, and a handful of anti-tax and NIMBY groups have all gotten in some kind of bed (or Xtreme Fighting cage) together to pursue another ballot measure to stop rail transit development in Cincinnati.

Most prominent in the anti-rail campaign is a Tea Party-connected group, COAST (Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes), described by one article as “rabidly mass transit”, which has been joined in a very curious and rather contradictory partnership against rail transit with the Cincinnati NAACP (which supposedly represents black Cincinnatians, many of whom are quite dependent on public transport for their basic mobility).

As of mid-August, the rail opponents had collected sufficient signatures (somewhat less than 7,500) on petitions to put a broad and ferociously anti-rail city charter amendment on the Nov. 8th ballot.

Rail supporters (i.e., opponents of the anti-rail measure) are primarily led by a group called Cincinnatians for Progress (CFP), whose main contention is that the proposed charter amendment doesn’t target just streetcars, but, through very broad, misleading wording, it would effectively encompass all types of rail transit and even rail passenger proposals.

A small group of anti-progress activists are trying – again – to stop Cincinnati from developing passenger rail. They want a disastrous city charter amendment that would – again – go far beyond their stated intention.
It would bar anyone – including private parties – from working on any form of rail-based transportation for 10 years. That arbitrary “dead period” would make it illegal for the city to take advantage of new technology and new circumstances, such as the future federal stimulus dollars. Under the language of this proposal, a generation would pass before Cincinnati could hope to see light rail or commuter rail, or even the return of the inclines.
Section 3. For purposes of this Amendment, (i) the term “Streetcar System” means a system of passenger vehicles operated on rails constructed primarily in existing public rights of way….
Updated 2010/09/07



Keeping an eye on the opposition:

Sheesh, how do we deal with such anti-rail extremists?

D. P. Lubic

In other news, Amtrak is setting ridership records (again):

Terry Newman

Apparently I am one of those people you support. My college district is 2700 square miles and my work takes me all over the district. I go hiking every weekend and visit my out of town kids as much as I can. There is no way I could do these things without my car! I'll be a die-hard driver.

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