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D. P. Lubic

More on this subject--gasoline consumption remains low, despite a supposedly recovering economy:

And part of a stronger case for trains (and local trolleys, too):

D. P. Lubic

And some material on the truth about trains:

D. P. Lubic

In other news, all 50 states are having their highways subsidized at the Federal level; there are no longer any "donor" states that pay more in gas taxes than they receive from the Federal government

All are now net "recipient" states:

D. P. Lubic

Additional material from a site devoted to high speed rail in California:

D. P. Lubic

Somehow this sounds very familiar. . .

From other perspectives (bicycles, history, Copenhagen?) comes this editorial about the early fight against automobiles:

From the same site, under the tag line, “Car Industry Strikes Back,” is this post, an accounting of a meeting in Australia. Of interest is this section, starting at the eighth paragraph down:

“[Chris] Bangle [former head of design for BMW] said one thing that stood out, bold black on white. He said that the number of 16-18 year olds in the US who aren’t bothering getting their driving licences is growing fast. Cars register less on their radar. Then Bangle said it:

“We have to hook them back to the car.”

“That’s what he said. Sitting in the audience it was remarkable to see how many people turned their heads to the person next to them with quizzical looks on their faces. Silently asking each other; “Did he just say that? Really?”

Complete post:

The whole “Car Industry Strikes Back” posting list:

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