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That was my thought,too.

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Marlena Boggs

When you say 'knowledge worker', I'm not entirely sure I know which fields or skills that encompasses. If we just say the kids have to 'go to college' - what fields will get them those high-end jobs? Only science, technology and engineering? What *is* the real purpose of education? What happens to those major ethical questions which will have to be made in the future? Will they be made with no background? (ie: Does a cloned person have the same rights as one not cloned?) In my field (librarianship) there is an interesting article about the lack of research skills in undergraduates now-it's not just that they use Google to find sources, but they don't even know how to use Google effectively. (see

The other term I hear a lot is '21st century skills'. That seems to be used in terms of utilizing digital media. But, I'm also not clear if that means using the technology or creating it)

Thanks for the thoughts.

Rich Kelly

I suggest we distinguish between manufacturing jobs and factory jobs. Manufacturing jobs pay a solid middle class wage ($50k and above) with benefits and are performed by knowledge workers (today, most high skill, high wage machinists are computer programmers and operators).

Factory jobs are moving overseas. There will be few of these left in America. We won't miss them. No one wants a pacemaker stamped "Made in China". China is facing a larger skilled worker shortage than we are.

Not everyone can or should be tracked into a Bachelor's degree program. We are failing a significant majority of our high school students by pushing bachelor's degree tracks of little or no value in the global economy.

I always appreciate checking in with the Nine Shift site. The topics and discussions help decode ongoing changes. Experience has taught me it is more important to ask the right question. I offer, this is the wrong question.

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