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William Draves

D.P., If you mean the Wisconsin recall elections, trains were not an issue as most people in Wisconsin do not understand why they are needed.

I will say that our state's biggest newspaper reported a new study that shows that Gov. Walker turning down federal train money is costing Wisconsin taxpayers MORE money than if he had accepted the train money. He turned down the federal train money supposedly because it cost Wisconsin a few million.

IF you mean the Nov 2010 mid-term elections, that was the first election when trains became a partisan issue. Before then, both R and D supported or opposed trains without regard to political party.

D. P. Lubic

Did you see similar arguments against trains in the recent election? Are they still going on?

D. P. Lubic

And it's apparently true:

At the same time, there are people out there who will fight tooth and nail against trains. Some see it as socialism or Communism, others see it as outmoded technology, and some see it as Big Brother. It's incredibly silly; a commentor on this subject (local trolley line variant) at another place said of such a critic that "he was OK with a 2,000 year old Bible, and a 200 year old Constitution, but a 50-year old trolley was too much to handle."

Then there was this comment by another person on the subject of high-speed trains at a site called the Infrastructurist:

"That’s funny. To drive, I had to take a government class, then a government written test, then a government practical test, and then get my picture taken for a government ID. At every step, I paid the government a fee. And I get to do this again every once in a while. Then I had to get a car from a government approved make and model, get it retitled by the government, re-registered by the government, inspected by the government, and insured by a government licensed company.

"Why? Because any other way to get around is just a socialist boondoggle sponsored by Marxist control freaks."

Like I said, this opposition is silly, but there it is. . .

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