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William Draves

D.P, there's no statistics out that I know of. Older people are still unaware of this phenomenon.

My guess is they move to advanced English speaking countries like Australia, Hong Kong, U.K., Netherlands. They are NOT prepared in other languages, but with English being the world's business language, they don't have to.

William Draves

Terry, great question and the answer is No, young people have wanted to move TO the United States, not FROM the United States. As the world's superpower in the last century, We have imported top talent from nations all over the world.

But I can't think of more than one or two people in my generation who lives abroad.

Terry Newman

Haven't young people always wanted to leave the country at some point? It seems I've heard this since I was very young. Bill, how do you think this is different now than in the past?

D. P. Lubic

Out of curiosity, where are these young people looking to go? I would imagine China, France, and perhaps Japan would lead the list; does this agree with the young people you know? And if this is what they are looking for, how well prepared are they in terms of studying the languages of their new places?

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