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D. P. Lubic

Off topic, but this is the handiest place to put this, and it may be of interest: younger people going car-free in the District of Columbia:

Maybe we have hope yet--but some of those following comments!

D. P. Lubic

Comments from Nine Shift territory on a Nine Shift subject, trains, by Alon Levy of New York:

Other commentary by Levy on cars holding on longer than they should:

Most notable comment:

"In a one-to-one match, special interests always win: they’re invested in their side and often fighting for survival. Detroit needs the rest of the US to keep driving much more than the rest of the US needs to reduce its sprawl. The gas and oil interests are more invested in their own existence than consumers are in rooftop solar panels. Corn farmers need ethanol subsidies more than people who aren’t corn farmers need the money for healthy food."

We have our work cut out. . .

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