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D. P. Lubic

The great irony of this is that key infrastructure investments in rail, including local transit (i.e., bringing back trolley cars), will help to get us off the oil diet, which in turn is part of what drives current conflicts.

That oil diet is largely driven by our transportation system being so dominated by cars; 43% of our oil consumption is in the form of gasoline, and there aren't too many piston-engined aircraft around anymore, so you know where that goes.

At the same time, the budget cutters want to cut, as the very first thing, anything in the public transit field. Never mind that this is like treating cancer by looking at pimples in terms of scale, never mind that taking away a reason to fight might be the best way to fight, that's what's on the chopping block, and our current "leaders" don't have the courage or sense to even attempt to make this case.

It's very disappointing and very dispiriting.

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