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Atlanta Roofing

I was going to post a prediction saying Prosser would win by two points but it was too late. Obviously I am pleased with this result, a win is a win, and beating an incumbent in what should have been a low profile election is not an easy thing to do. A more decisive win would have been nicer but this still sends a message to Walker. Now onto the recalls!

William Draves

Barry, thanks so much for the question. Yes, the whole issue is NOT about Republicans vs. Democrats.

It is about the last century (represented by the Tea Party) and this century (represented by Gen Y).

On just about every issue you can name, Gen Y and the Tea Party are totally opposite in their positions.

For example:
Health Care. Gen Y overwhelmingly supports it. Tea Party overwhelmingly opposes it.

Four Year College Education. Gen Y yes, Tea Party no.

Trains. Gen Y yes, Tea Party no.

Cars. Gen Y no, Tea Party yes.

Telework. Gen Y yes, Tea Party no.

Bringing Factories Back to U.S. Gen Y no, Tea Party yes.

Raise taxes. Gen Y yes, Tea Party no.

Diversity. Gen Y yes, Tea Party no.

This is not just about unions, not just about schools and teachers. The Wisconsin protests is 20th versus 21st Century.

Us older folks are involved,but it is Gen Y with the longest future ahead of them. Thanks Barry!

Barry Dahl

I admit it; you've lost me. I'm just not seeing the Gen Y angle to this story. What am I missing?

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