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D. P. Lubic

Glad your wife puts up with your jokes, too.

Came across this, and thought you might be interested; seems some people are thinking the Tea Party is already losing steam. Don't know if it's disappointment or just fatigue, but I'll let you take a peek and decide for yourself, in particular take note of the Rachel Maddow story which includes some Wisconsin material:

William Draves

Thanks D.L. My wonderful wife also tolerates my bad jokes (see my Birthday post coming up)

D. P. Lubic

Congratulations on 25 years; too many of us today don't make it anywhere near that far.

I have to mention something; we men should always love women because they put up with so much out of us, including our bad jokes.

When my own wife was 38 and 39, she had this awful moaning and groaning about "Oh, I'm another year older," and "Oh, you don't care about me," oh, I should have remembered her birthday. . .

After that nonsense, I figured I had better remember that Big 4-0, and I did pretty good. Right as she was waking up, still in bed, I sang to her, "Happy birthday to you. . ."

She giggled and laughed, and I must have been inspired, because a second verse popped into my head, and promptly popped out of my mouth. . .

"How old are you now?
How old are you now?
How old are you, D----?
You're too old for me now."

I have friends who tell me I live dangerously.

My mother's comment later was, "D---- was happy you FINALLY remembered her birthday."

Again, congratulations on 25 years.

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