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D. P. Lubic

I'm an auditor for a state unemployment agency, and one of my most recent assignments was for a small furniture company (8 or so employees) making wonderful reproduction furniture from the early 19th century (one of the pieces I saw there was a large chest of drawers in what is called "tiger maple," a beautiful piece done in correct period style, even to hand-cut dovetail joints and the use of square nails). The owner, who is not young, is a big proponent of universal health care coverage; he can't afford it, as his company is too small to get any sort of discount.

A bit off topic: National Association of Railway Passengers' (NARP)“Hotline News.” Of note in this edition is the Republicans of North Carolina wanting to return Federal money for rail improvements, claiming among other things that this could threaten the viability of the state freight rail network, when in fact it would enhance both the passenger system and the freight network. It even pays for a considerable amount of grade crossing elimination to boot, benefiting motorists!

I say, the anti-rail crowd is looking sillier all the time.

I just hope they do not ruin things so badly that we will not be able to recover from their foolishness.

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