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Cops and National Guard. Most of the cops we saw at the protest were carrying signs saying "COPS for Democracy." Some would say that it's already out of hand.

There were no national guardsmen ever called in. It was considered, but the decision was made not to do it because it would be inflammatory. There was never any violence and there was no need for the tanks to roll in. I was at two protests, including the biggest one. The most flagrant violation I saw was parking at an expired meter.

D. P. Lubic

Whew! I'm glad to read that!

Let's just hope cooler heads will prevail.


William Draves

D.P., no national guardsmen have been present. So far the protesters have been happy, positive, funny, and friendly. So have the police.

The local police and county sheriff are more friendly, as their unions support the protests.

Police and protesters get along real well.

The State Patrol guys just seem less friendly (maybe my perception)because the new head of the State Patrol is a Tea Party guy and father of the leading Tea Party legislators.

D. P. Lubic

I also saw the cops or "National Guardsmen" walking by a the end of the clip.

I worry that this is going to get out of hand one way or another, and may get nasty before we are through.

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