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William Draves

D.P. Good question about "whether our side stands a chance"?

NineShift is predicting the Tea Party (shorthand for those people trying to hold back the 21st century) will be at its height from now to about 2014, maybe 2015 at the latest.

Between now and then, the question is really whether Gen Y will show up, and what it will do. Gen Y has all the power. If they had not voted in 2008, John McCain would be president.

Beginning in 2015 or so, Gen Y will definitely have exerted its influence and the 21st century starts to win. Thanks for all your observations, contributions and comments D.P.

D. P. Lubic

An item that might be of interest--a link to James Repass's "Destination Freedom" (National Corridors Initiative newsletter), notable for a letter to the editor that suggests we rail supporters fall back and essentially abandon America:

(You may appreciate the editor's response.)

D. P. Lubic

I glimpsed a few of the comments in the paper's electronic site on this, and one thing that stands out is the vitriol some feel for unions and the 14 senators. It makes me wonder if the so-called working class, or middle class, is really that decent and intelligent.

Do you think our side really stands a chance, or do we have to wait at least another decade for enough of the older generation to die?

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