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William Draves

The many public workers in Wisconsin have negotiated great salaries and benefits through their unions. I am in agreement with their governor that it is time for them to pay a larger share. I can understand that they don't like that, but that doesn't mean that it isn't the right thing to do. We will soon have the same fight here in Ohio. I hope public employees here are less selfish than those in Wisconsin. What the unions won from the government is not sustainable. Most states understand that. Wisconsin (and Ohio) need to grow up and think about the larger good of society. (Clearly money and quality don't have a direct relationship in Wisconsin.) Besides, I don't happen to believe that public employees need unions to protect them from - what? - the big bad taxpayers? So I don't want LERN representing me on this issue. We don't agree.

What I do want from LERN is what I thought you were in business to do. By focusing your interests on the political issue, you cheat me and those who count on you for help with online teaching. By advertising your political views to your LERN clients, you take advantage of our relationship. It's like a teacher using the classroom to preach his political views to his students. Personally, I think it would be wrong to do that.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Feel free to publish my comments.

David VanDenburgh, D.Min.
Kettering College of Medical Arts
Kettering, Ohio 45429

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