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kim larson-cooney

I am disappointed that LERN would choose to jump into the political fray. If LERN feels compelled to do so, then I would suggest presenting both sides of the argument in a fair, balanced, and unbiased manner. Frankly, I am surprised that LERN has chosen this course of action.


LERN has provided us excellent information on contract training and online learning. Political opinions are not needed by an organization that represents people of various beliefs.

The Koch's are wealthy and support the Tea Party. Kennedy's, Heinz's and Barbara Streisand are wealthy and support the left. IF you insist on reporting politics, at least be unbiased; not like the mainstream media that leans to the left.

William Draves

Thanks KC for your question. The reason is that 90% of our LERN members are directly affected by these issues. Our LERN members are losing customers, many programs are being cut, and there are factual economic reasons for this.

For example, America has fallen from #1 in the world in college graduates to #12. This impacts your organization, and all of our members.

Adult education (see Edward Lindemann's classic 1926 book) has always been about responding to societal issues. We are not getting into a "political" fray, but we are definitely getting into the fray between the last century and this century. Thanks for your question. We welcome your comments, opinions and thoughts.


Why is LERN getting into the political fray? You have already alienated me by commenting on this. LERN should stay of it and do what they do best. If not, you are going to lose half your readers. I am highly disapointed.

D. P. Lubic

Charles Koch was born in 1935, and David Koch was born in 1940, making them 75 and 70 respectively. This fits the anti-rail (and other "progressive" ideas) age pattern that has been discussed here and elsewhere for a while now. The big difference is that these two have the money and the will to use it to attempt to preserve the 1950s-ish lifestyle we currently have (and which also lines their already well-lined pockets).

Two things really have me worried lately. Both are billboards here in West Virginia. One is a wordy, hard-to-read Ten Commandments, with an additional quote about how the sinner is slave to sin. The other is asking about the current president's birth certificate.

I didn't check on the Ten Commandments sponsor, but the one for the birth certificate billboard is some outfit called World Net Daily, a "news" site with a "conservative" bent that (in style)looks and sounds amazingly like a Communist propaganda newspaper from the 1950s! A modern example is below, linked in from a railway preservation site:

Note the editorializing (in sarcasm) in the comment about how "nothing was too good for the workers."

Things like these billboards cost money. Who is paying for them? What do they hope to achieve by swaying opinion so?

You have stated that you have a good deal of confidence in "Generation Y," and I am guardedly optimistic for them. They see the problems we have, they want to make things work better (which includes bringing back trains), many think the current culture leaves something to be desired (how else to you explain that Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra have a following in this demographic?), and I have seen what looks like a hunger for good examples to follow.

The question is, will this new group of people be given the opportunity to do what needs doing, or will their opportunities be denied and their fates doomed by the actions of their elders?

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