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D. P. Lubic

Only one person in five has a college education? That's a horrid situation in a lot of ways.

One that stands out would be that such people may not have the background to piece together what the future is bringing. That means they could be easily swayed by some demagogue or demagogue-like person who would blame their difficulties on certain groups, like "liberals," "socialists," "Communists," "enviro-nazis," or "illegal aliens"--or in another time, drunken Irishmen, Catholics, and Jews--when the real problem, say for high gas prices, is really peak oil and the global oil market. The latter is a problem because all oil in the world goes into that market, and the whole world bids on it; in essence, we bid against the world for our own oil, even if our oil never leaves this country! No amount of drilling will resolve that, but that is the solution that some are proposing, and at the same time blaming "regulation" and "environmentalism" on our own short-sightedness since at least 1973.

This is real; I've faced it first-hand, once being called a Communist for suggesting a rail transit system in West Virginia might be a better option than a four-lane road. Had all the good arguments, had facts and figures, but got brushed off anyway.

As you and I have noted, there is a strong generational component to this as well. A tragic part of this is that those same people with high-school educations very likely are pretty decent people otherwise, hard working, thrifty, etc., but they are being panicked by having their game plan go wrong.

It is fascinating to see these things being proven, and it does wonders to see others, you included, see what I have been seeing for years, but it is no consolation at all to realize you have no voice of authority, no voice of persuasion, no ability to sway things.

It's very discouraging because you feel you have no hope of being effective.

It seems my only options are to ague uselessly and waste my time, or sit on the sidelines and twiddle my thumbs to waste my time.

Some choice.

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