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D. P. Lubic

More on the trend, courtesy of National Association of Railroad Passengers' weekly "Hotline News:"

“Amtrak announced this week that it set a new Thanksgiving ridership record last month, carrying over 700,000 passengers over the holiday week (November 23 through November 29).

“In addition to carrying 704,446 people—2.7% over 2009’s number, the previous record—Amtrak carried 134,230 customers on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, setting the new single-day ridership record.

“The record ridership demonstrates Amtrak’s ability to satisfy the traveling needs of the public and highlights the need for America to invest more in passenger rail to meet the increasing demand,” said President and CEO Joseph Boardman.
“State supported trains and other short distance corridors did particularly well, up 5.1% over the same period last year. Long distance trains were up 3.9% over 2009. And the Acela Express service saw rapid growth of 12,9%, although ridership on the Northeast Corridor as a whole dropped slightly.”

Link to whole column below:

Oh, also in that newsletter, you will appreciate reading you were right about the rail money Walker let go; it's going where it is appreciated.


Julie makes homemade apple butter like she did in the Agrarian Age.

And I thought Bill said 75 -100 years ago wasa the Agrarian Age - I'm pretty sure Julie wasn't making apple butter then - maybe during the Age of Aquarious?

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