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Nita Stelling

Hmm, if electric cars could be improved to function as efficiently as a conventional car, then it can become the norm in the auto industry in the future. Although we still have enough fossil fuel to support our daily functions, crude oil is not unlimited. So we should find other ways to harness energy.


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Melbourne Electrician

But actually the advantage of electric cars are environmental friendly and efficient.

Condo Staging

How much do they cost ??

San Diego Mobile Notary

Since transport uses much of the World supply of petroleum, and the World is facing Peak Oil at some point here, electric cars have the advantage of helping in a major way to conserve existing petroleum reserves.

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Electric cars powered from the national grid are central to the government's new energy strategy.

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Hi i am new here.
Peter Fernandes

Al in San Diego

Worry about the grid overload by electric cars is an effort to create a crisis so government can gain more power. Charging stations are part of the same effort. People will not worry about charging stations when it will be cheaper and easier to recharge at home. 'Pacificier' is the best description of charging stations. Over 80% of the drivers travel less than 50 miles per day, well within the range of an electric car. According to the government, the existing power grid can handle night recharging for many years to come. Hybrid cars will continue to attract interest for apartment and condo dwellers without access to electric outlets for charging, as well as for homes without garages. In general, the electric car will be a second car for family use and range will not be a problem.

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